Alaska – The Last Frontier

It’s no surprise (to the people who know me) that 2016 has been a difficult year. I won’t use this post to complain about things but to show appreciation for the light at the end of a tunnel I didn’t think would end.

There have been several health issues that have prevented me from “being myself” for the past few months. (And by “myself,” I mean the over active and completely goofy person who has to be doing something all the time). Despite this, I went on a trip that had been planned before all of my health issues started, with the hope that for just one week, I would get some of myself back.

It’s hard to qualify the healing powers of nature, and I’m not saying I’m healed…but it’s nice to look at the scenery and think that there are greater things than my petty concerns. So when I get bogged down with the daily irritants that I sometimes let consume me, I look at this picture and remember that life is good.

The view in Seward, Alaska.

The view in Seward, Alaska.






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