Could be a stalactite…could be a spider

Since this is the summer of adventure, I wanted to post some of the interesting things I’ve managed to capture – not capture as in “I have it duct-taped and hidden in my trunk,” but capture in photos.

This creep-tacular shot was taken in Mammoth Cave.

It's time to move.

It’s time to move.

If you don’t know of it, it’s the longest underground system in the U.S., found in Cave City, KY (original name, guys), and it could provide a perfect set for The Walking Dead. Seriously, if there weren’t so many bratty kids running around like sugar- fueled squirrels, it would be truly terrifying…or maybe that was why it was terrifying.

The stalactites ( or stalagmites?) looked kinda like a spider dangling from the ceiling…a spider that had been magnified a gazillion times. (It’s hard to see because we weren’t allowed to use the flash on our cameras. Apparently, people prone to epileptic seizures frequent caves. And maybe the park rangers did that on purpose – so the ginormous spider, lying in wait, could attack you before your eyes adjusted to the dark. It’s all a part of their “thinning of the herd” plan. You know, the grand park ranger conspiracy.)

Although it did creep me out a bit, it did make me thankful that there’s no such thing as spiders the size of a goat. And if you’re thinking to yourself that “yes, in fact, there are spiders the size of a goat,” please don’t tell me about it.

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