Go Outside and Play!

So, I’ve openly made the pledge that I will visit all seven continents and all fifty states before I become too old to actually walk through them without medical assistance. I made a little trek a few weeks ago to put a check mark beside a few “bucket list” items: see the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., watch a Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards, stroll along the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach and have a Dogfish beer in Delaware, and find Jefferson Rock in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Camden Yards, baby!

Camden Yards, baby!

The Orioles game was, well, an ass-beating, but I did get a free t-shirt – it was the 50th anniversary of the Orioles actually winning a game, I think – so it was all good.




Lincoln all bad ass...

Lincoln all bad ass…


D.C. was beautiful, and aside from the skin melting heat, it was a wonderful experience. I had never been to D.C. before. (I know, right? Who, in this nation of upstanding American citizens, hasn’t been to D.C.?  Well, me…until two weeks ago.) I got to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Reflection Pool, and the White House. Ate at Old Ebbitt Grill and cruised through the American History Museum. And all of these things I did in a pool of my own sweat, with the grace of a lady.

I took some fluffy clouds home with me.

I took some fluffy clouds home with me.




Rehoboth Beach was crazy pretty – like a supermodel. The sand, sky, and water totally made me forget that I was bursting into flame. Just look at those cotton candy clouds! And the old couple spontaneously combusting!



That's one awesome rock.

That’s one awesome rock.

The last stop on the trip of buckets was Harpers Ferry. I know what you’re thinking, “Why the hell would you want to go to West Virginia?” Well, look at Jefferson Rock. How cool is that? Come on, if you’re a rock lover like me, you have to appreciate the largeness of this hunk of sediment, with a baby rock along for the ride like a remora on a shark’s belly.

Anyway, the point of all of this – and there is one – go out and see stuff. You always think that you’ll have plenty of time to do the things you want to do. And then you wake up five years later, wondering where the time went.

Create a little adventure…rent a car…find things…”ooh” and “aah” at them. It’s fun, and life is short. Go outside and play.

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